Aztec botijo from Úbeda, Spain

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Of course the botijo is our iconic piece, and we are always keen to include one botijo of every kind in our collection. Botijos use to be from porous clay, (not in this case, which is more decor oriented and has been vitrified and hand painted) bulging belly, handler in the upper side and two holes, one bigger for water refueling and other smaller to pour water directly to the mouth.
This is a piece that reminds us why we love this job: whenever we look for pieces in a given geographical area (in this case Úbeda), we know in advance what are the local canons and characteristics, and we use to contrast this with the artisans and see how they innovate at the same time that they keep the traditions. But we loved this piece as soon as we saw it just because it jumps over any of the predictable patterns -and because it is a botijo too ;-)
Keeping the usual green and brown color vitrification, as well as the botijo shape, we are shocked by a mythological animal in the top that reminds the Aztec feathered snake Quetzalcoatl.
Chatting with the artisan widow, she told us that his husband started to make this kind of decoration like 50 years ago and he called them “my Aztec pieces”. Now his son has inherited that legacy and he still continues doing similar pieces in one his Úbeda workshop.

If you want to know more about Úbeda and his ceramics and pottery, please click here.

Size is 40cm H x 20cm ⌀ (15.7" H x 7.9" ⌀). Weight is 2.6Kg (5.7 pound). Package weight is 5Kg (11 pound)

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