Green colored jarapa (rug) from Alpujarras, Spain

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This is a jarapa (rug) from Alpujarras, a region in Andalucia, the south of Spain, between the mountains and the seaside. Generally jarapas are crafted with a multicolor thick fabric reusing odds and ends from other works until finishing the piece. Although today these continue to be made with a hand craft process, there is an innovation in the design and processes, to look more complex and contemporary.
This is a very traditional jarapa, made from different green tones with the same techniques that have been in use during generations in this area. It can be machine washed.
If you want to know more about La Alpujarra and the jarapas please click here

Size is 150 x 120 cm (59 x 47 inch). Weight is 3Kg (6.6 pound). Package weight is 5Kg (11 pound)

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