Tessera of Moche fisher from Trujillo, Peru

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This beautiful piece from Moche (or Mochica)  culture from Trujillo, Peru, can be a representation of a fisher that dignifies his job with a cult to the water, but might also be a representation of a god related with the water and the sea, because his head reminds as well Ai Apaec, with his feline teeth and his hair like sea waves.
Ai Apaec is the main deity of the Moche culture, one of the punisher gods, the most fearful and adored, also called the "head cutter". Ai Apaec was adored like the creator, protective of the Mochicas, water and food supplier, and facilitator of the military success. Actually Ai Apaec in Mochica language means "maker". Ai Apaec was represented in many ways, changing with the times and the space, and with the craftsmanship tendencies in which he was represented.

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