Traditional inkwell from Puente del Arzobispo, Spain

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This is the traditional recipient for writing ink, an indispensable tool before the upcoming of the pen. The small orifices in the upper side were to introduce the feather that at that time were used for writing. These pieces have been handcrafted by known artisan Robles, from Puente del Arzobispo, which has recently retired and ended his activity. His job shows deep traditional roots and reaches an exceptional beauty and artistic height. Painted with the traditional colours of the zone, blue, yellow and red, it shows children around the piece that recalls the typical children angels and mythological images of the XVIII century, together with the always present vegetal decorations.
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17 cm H x 13 cm ⌀ (6.7 inch H by 5.1 inch ⌀). Weight is 0.9 Kg (2.0 pounds). Package weight 2Kg (4.4 pound)