Vase with epigraphs. Caliphal ceramics from Córdoba, Spain

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Vase with epigraphs. Caliphal ceramics from Córdoba, Spain

We present a large vase with almost all the characteristics of Caliphate ceramics from Córdoba, Spain. The colors, white, green and brownish black, the repetition of the decoration and the use of three of the great artistic resources of this ceramic, the epigraphs, the geometric motifs and the vegetation.

The epigraphy with the word Al-Mulk, kingdom or power of God, here is used as an indisputable seal and written affirmation of the legitimacy of the new caliphate of Córdoba, Spain. Their aesthetic features endowed this type of ataifores with a symbolic charge of varied significance in relation to the caliphate's magnificence.
The plant motifs are acanthus leaves both on the neck of the jar and on its base, and at the base they are accompanied by geometric motifs in brown.

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Size is 43cm H x 23cm  (17" H x 9" ). Weight is 2.5 Kg (5.5 pound). Package weight is 5Kg (11 pound)