About Us

The Botijo is the project of a Spanish family that loves travelling, contact with the local people and popular art. We enjoy collecting and spreading popular artisan crafts worldwide, and we usually offer goods from the Mediterranean, Africa and Latin America. 

Our Goods
We are proud to offer only original handicraft goods, and refuse any kind of industrial manufacture. We use to include a clear explanation of the origin of these goods, as well as the culture where they are originated. Whenever you get something at The Botijo, you get also a piece of history of the people that made it.

Fair Trade
We are fair trade buyers. We always go as close to the artisan as possible, and follow the principles of the World Fair Trade Organization, refusing to deal with intermediaries that are not respectful with these principles.

We do everything in our hands to be respectful with the environment. Specially in our packaging, we use small footprint methods and recycled and light materials whenever possible.

The Botijo’s Mechanism
The botijo is one of the most ancient and traditional piece of pottery, very popular in Spain and many other Mediterranean countries. It is able to keep the water fresh and cold even under the hottest temperatures.
The principle of the botijo's mechanism is simple: the inside water flows smoothly through the porous clay towards the external surface. The hot external temperature produces evaporation of this water, which keeps the temperature of the surface low, and then the internal water remains fresh and always ready to drink. The biggest hole is used to introduce the water on it, and the smallest one is used to drink directly the water rising up the botijo above the head of the drinker.
Even today, you can see one botijo in almost every house of the current rural villages in Spain.

Contact The Botijo
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