Tibor Andalusi from Granada, Spain

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Tibor Andalusi from Granada, Spain

Andalusí Ceramics encompasses all the production carried out from the 8th to the 15th century in the territories inhabited by Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula. When the Kingdom of Granada, which was the last Islamic stronghold on the peninsula, was conquered by the Crown of the Kingdom of Castile in 1492, many of the Granada artisans settled in Fez (Morocco), where they brought both the technique and the decorative motifs of wonderful Islamic pottery.

A few years ago, a ceramist from Granada decided to bring an artisan from Fez to Granada to recover the decorative motifs that shone in the old Kingdom of Granada. The perfection, meticulousness and color of these pieces are a clear example of the splendor that the Granada sultans surrounded themselves with.

Size is 40cm H x 18cm ⌀ (15.7" H x 7.1" ⌀). Weight is 2.5 Kg (5.5 pound). Package weight is 5Kg (11 pound)