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Indonesian Batik Stamp - The Triple Stamp

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Stamp to print the typical Indonesian Batik fabric - The Triple Stamp
The Batik is a centuries old traditional Indonesian fabric normally made of cotton, whose prints are made with a technique that uses wax and whose designs are based on flowers, birds and other animals and geometric motifs.
But the utensil that really makes a difference in the wonderful Batik designs is the stamp, with them you can repeat the same motif throughout the fabric, combine it with many others and interspersing multiple colors. Of course it is based on the same technique, the stamps are introduced in liquid wax, for which they are designed with a handle so that the artisans do not touch the wax, and they are stamped on the cloth as many times as they want. If you want to know more about the Batik stamps please click here.
We present five copper stamps with the most representative motives of this craft, the quality of the design together with the detail in them make them look like authentic filigree.
Every one of these 5 stamps is a very powerful and original decorative piece for desktop or wall. Together they make a unique decorative set. In case you want to frame them to hang on the wall, you can optionally separate the handle.
You can buy anyone of these stamps separately, or together at a very special price: 30% off for the whole set of 5 stamps.
Size is 8 x 23 x 7  cm (3.1" x 9.0" x 2.8"). Weight is 1.0 Kg (2.2 pound). Package weight is 3Kg (6.6 pound)