Botijo from Úbeda, Spain

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Botijo from Úbeda, Spain

Of course the botijo is our iconic piece, and we are always keen to include one botijo of every kind in our collection. Botijos use to be from porous clay, (not in this case, which is more decor oriented and has been vitrified and hand painted) bulging belly, handler in the upper side and two holes, one bigger for water refueling and other smaller to pour water directly to the mouth.  This is a piece hand crafted by the one of the many potteries that continue with the tradition and quality but also with the innovation that makes Úbeda ceramics an enjoyable long run history.

The history of this piece gives an indication of how integrated in the real life of the area is the craftsmanship. A client ordered a memorial work for the celebration of the 50 working years of an olive farmer from the area. The ceramist, always keen to find new decoration motifs, proposed this beautiful olive tree with a bunch of olives. Keeping all the tradition of the area, with the characteristic green and brown vitrification, it has managed to create a new decorative motif, integrating the two main economic activities of Úbeda: the ceramics and the olives. The success of this olive and olive tree has pushed the artist to use it in many of the traditional pottery pieces and he is convinced this will become one of the brands of the new Úbeda ceramics.

If you want to know more about Úbeda and his ceramics and pottery, please click here.

Size is 30cm H x 20cm ⌀ (11.8" H x 7.9" ⌀). Weight is 1.4Kg (3.1 pound). Package weight is 3Kg (6.2 pound)