Ataifor (plate) of Lion with double Lotus flower. Caliphal ceramics from Córdoba, Spain

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Ataifor (plate) of Lion with double Lotus flower. Caliphal ceramics from Córdoba, Spain

We present a representative piece of Caliphal pottery with its three colors, white, green and brown-black. This design was found in an archaeological site in Cordoba, of a fragment of an ataifor from the 10th century in which barely a third of the feline, part of the head, the double flower and part of the tail can be seen. The potter has recomposed in his workshop the rest of this surprising zoomorphic motif.
The Lotus flower, doubly drawn here, represents eternal life and the lion refers to Córdoba as the seat of the caliphate.
The Ataifor is bordered by the classic lunettes in green and dark brown.

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Size is 8cm H x 34cm ⌀ (3.2" H x 13.4" ⌀). Weight is 2.1 Kg (4.6 pound). Package weight is 4Kg (8.8 pound)