Ataifor (plate) with epigraphic decoration. Caliphal ceramics from Córdoba, Spain

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Ataifor (plate) with epigraphic decoration. Caliphal ceramics from Córdoba, Spain

We present one of the milestones of Caliphate ceramics, the written representation of Al-Mulk, kingdom or power of God, here it is used as an indisputable seal and written affirmation of the legitimacy of the new caliphate. Their aesthetic features endowed this type of ataifores with a symbolic charge of varied significance in relation to the caliphate's magnificence.
Here the letters beautifully executed in green are accompanied by circles and small palm trees, very representative of this ceramic.
The Ataifor is bordered by the classic lunettes in green and dark brown.

Size is 8cm H x 34cm ⌀ (3.2" H x 13.4" ⌀). Weight is 2.1 Kg (4.6 pound). Package weight is 4Kg (8.8 pound)