Cántaro (amphora) from Moveros, Spain

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The "cántaro" or amphora, is a good sized vase to contain and transport liquids. It has a tiny mouth, wide belly, small base and one or two handlers. This is the most emblematic piece of Moveros pottery, the cántaro that shows a wide neck and makes it distinct of any other cántaro from Spanish potteries. It is one of the most original and elegant pieces of all the Iberian peninsula potteries. Some ethnographers say that this curious shape was designed to be able to carry two pieces at same time, one in every shoulder. The characteristic incisions made on the “tape handler” are not only adorns, but they are necessary to avoid air bubbles within the thick handler –necessary to carry the heavy weight of this beautiful piece- that might break it during the cooking. All the pieces are signed by his author, in this case in the bottom of the handler.
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Size is 68cm H x 40cm ⌀ (26.8" H x 15.7" ⌀). Weight is 9Kg (19.8 pound). Package weight is 14Kg (30.8 pound)