Cantimplora (wine barrel) from Moveros, Spain

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The wine barrel or “cantimplora” is another of the classical pieces from Moveros which indicates clearly his utility. It has a peculiar shape that makes it a very iconic piece from the area.
One of the sides is always flat so that it can be hanged on the walls or on the side of the working animals on the times in which the food had to be taken for a complete working day on the farm. The other side is curved to allow a higher capacity, and it is finished with a button and the classical smashed cord from Moveros around it.
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Size is 27cm H x 22cm W x 17cm D (10.6" H x  8.6" W x 6.7" D). Weight is 1.6Kg (3.7 pound). Package weight is 3Kg (6.6 pound)