Ancient Greece cratera reproduction, Red Figures Style

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We present this piece absolutely representative of the golden age of Greek antiquity, both in the red figure style drawing, and in the form, the elegant crater, vessel to mix the wine with water before serving it to the table. It is a reproduction, of almost exact size, of the original of 500 a.C. attributed to Euphronios and represents Olympic athletes preparing to compete, they are represented by removing their cape and oiling as they did before the competitions.

In this reply, made by our artist, by reproducing exactly Euphronios' work, it allows us to observe the clear intention of the author to represent the anatomy of the human figure, to introduce as many scenes as possible in the space he has and the will to achieve harmony in proportions.

The original is in Berlin's Berlin Antikenmuseen Museum.

Size is 29cm H x 33 cm ⌀ (11.4" H x 13" ⌀). Weight is 4.4Kg (9.7 pound). Package weight for shipment is 8Kg (17.6 pound).