Alcoya (smaller) from Úbeda, Spain

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We introduce here a colorful piece hand crafted by the one of the heirs of the greatest Úbeda artisan from the XX century: Tito. Various of their descendants still keep alive all the essence of Úbeda ceramics in several potteries that continue with the tradition and quality but also with the innovation that makes Úbeda ceramics an enjoyable long run history.
This piece keeps all the tradition of the zone, both in the shape of the piece with four handles, and with the drawings with incisions, both centuries-old, but includes several colors in the same piece in addition to the traditional green brown and white, like blue, red, orange and yellows, very unusual years ago on the Úbeda potteries, although the artisan told us these colors were found in medieval-old archeological sites.

If you want to know more about Úbeda and his ceramics and pottery, please click here.

Size is 34cm H x 23cm ⌀ (13.4" H x 9" ⌀). Weight is 2Kg (4.4 pound). Package weight is 4Kg (8.8 pound)

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