Jarapa (rug) in chocolate color from Alpujarras, Spain

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This is a jarapa (rug) from Alpujarras, a region in Andalucia, the south of Spain, between the mountains and the seaside. Generally jarapas are crafted with a multicolor thick fabric reusing odds and ends from other works until finishing the piece. Although today these continue to be made with a hand craft process, there is an innovation in the design and processes, to look more complex and contemporary.
A clear example is this jarapa in two tones chocolate color and ivory, made with a design based in a beautiful greca that provides a modern look. It can be machine washed.
If you want to know more about La Alpujarra and the jarapas please click here

Size is 210 x 150 cm (83 x 59 inch). Weight is 4Kg (8.8 pound). Package weight is 6 Kg (13.2 pound).