Jarrón (vase) from Moveros, Spain

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We introduce this original jarrón (vase) from Moveros, a pottery recipient higher than wide, which in this case has two handlers. This is a piece that, even having all the Moveros essential characteristics, is of very modern design, because until recently it was made shorter until the handlers, with cylindrical shape, to be used for example as umbrella stand. As per the explanation made by MariCarmen the artisan, because the umbrellas started to be longer, she decided to add the upper part together with the handlers to better place the new umbrellas, adding as well new possibilities to this versatile piece. Like in all the Moveros collection, all the signs of identity are present: the different golden tones, sparkling surface and darker areas due to the embers in the oven. The pieces are signed by the owner on the lower side of the handlers.
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Size is 62cm H x 26cm ⌀ (24.4" H x 10.2" ⌀). Weight is 7.3Kg (16.1 pound). Package weight is 11.5Kg (25.4 pound)