Jarron (Vase) with black scrollwork from Chulucanas, Peru

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Jarron (Vase) with brown scrollwork from Chulucanas, Peru

This beautiful piece comes from the north of Peru, from an artisan city, Chulucanas, near the capital of the region, Piura, which by extension gives its name to this type of ceramic. Piura is the first city founded by the Spanish Francisco Pizarro in his conquest of Peru.

The fine ceramic works of Chulucanas, known throughout the world, have their roots in the Vicús culture. Everything related to this culture took Peruvian archaeologists by surprise; Its discovery at the end of the fifties of the 20th century, altered the vision that was had about Ancient Peru: it is one of the cultures that reaches and even surpasses in achievements art and technical development to many of the pre-Inca cultures studied up to that point. date. It is one of the most delicate and fine ceramic styles in all of Peru. Until now, it remains one of the least understood cultures of the Andean past, and in fact it has not lost its role as a "key culture" for understanding the interactions between pre-Hispanic societies of the northern and central Andes. It highlights the importance of its study to know the development of reality and regional vitality as a zone of transit, confluence and articulation of the societies of the Peruvian north and the Ecuadorian south as well as to establish the native foundations of current Peruvian culture.

Thus, we present this delicate vase in black and white colors characteristic of this ceramic, very representative of the current Peruvian handicrafts deeply rooted in its past but with a clear vocation for the future.

SIze is 47cm H x 24cm ⌀ (18.5" H x 9.4 ⌀). Weight is 3.2Kg (7 pound). Package weight is 6Kg (13.2 pound)