Lagrimero (pitcher) from Úbeda, Spain

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We introduce this elegant piece from one of the Úbeda potteries owned by two artisan families being one of them actually descendants of the greatest Úbeda artisan from the beginning of the XX century: Tito. These artisans still keep alive all the essence of Úbeda ceramics that continue with the tradition and quality but also with the innovation that makes Úbeda ceramics an enjoyable long run history.
With this innovative spirit they look permanently for new expression shapes and this is one of them, inspired in the old roman recipients used to store the teardrops (“lágrimas”, where the name of the piece comes from), maximum display of sorrow and mourning. In addition to the pretty vegetal drawings revealed by the basic brown color, the artist used one of the older and currently less common techniques, what the artisan calls white vitrification, made with soil from Viso, melting the blue, green and white colors in a way that it looks like if the colors actually “teardrop” throughout the surface of the piece, making a lovely marriage between the name and the looking of the piece.

If you want to know more about Úbeda and his ceramics please clic here

Size is 58cm H x 23cm ⌀ (22.8" H x 9" ⌀). Weight is 5.2Kg (11.5 pound). Package weight is 10Kg (22 pound)

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