Olla from Moveros, Spain (used, vintage)

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We introduce this delicious olla from Moveros, a kitchen recipient generally fitted with two handlers which is used traditionally both to store and to cook food. Coming out from the traditional shape, it has been rounded by several cords crushed by the artisan finger as we can see in all the Moveros pieces, and we can see also the other signs of identity from the area: the different golden tones, sparkling surface and darker areas due to the embers in the oven. The pieces are signed by the owner on the lower side of the handlers.
This specific piece was made at the beginning of XX century and has been used for long time.
If you want to know more about Moveros pottery, please click here

Size is 34cm H x 30cm ⌀ (13.4" H x 11.8" ⌀). Weight is 3.9Kg (8.6 pound). Package weight is 7Kg (15.4 pound)