Tinaja (vase) from Moveros, Spain

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One tinaja (vase) is a clay recipient with a vase shape and oval profile, with small base and generally without handlers. The big tinaja have been generally used to store wine, and the medium sized tinaja to store wine or cereal. The smallest ones used to store liquids and seeds. We introduce here one tinaja from Moveros, one piece of a great presence, with all the signs of identity from Moveros: the different golden tones, sparkling surface and darker areas produced by the embers in the oven. The piece is adorned, like usual in the area, by several cords around, crushed by the artisan finger.
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Size is 45cm H x 40cm ⌀ (17.7" H x 15.7" ⌀). Weight is 8.2Kg (18.1 pound). Package weight is 12Kg (26.5 pound)