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January 09, 2017

There has been a long way since we decided to launch TheBotijo.com and it looks we are finally on air.

The Botijo is the project of an Spanish family that loves travelling, contacting with the local people and popular art. We enjoy collecting and spreading popular craft worldwide, and usually offer goods from the Mediterranean, Africa and Latin America.

We launch TheBotijo.com with an extraordinary collection of ceramics by known artisan Robles at Puente del Arzobispo (Spain), plus additional craft items from Peru and Moveros (Spain), as well as some rugs from Alpujarras, Spain.

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The term “Ancient Greece” refers to the period of the history that goes from 1,200 b.C until 146 a.C when the roman conquer of Greece after the battle of Corinth.

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Viracocha, Wiracocha o Huiracocha, also called the god of the crosiers or rods, is the most relevant of the Inca gods. At Inca Empire it is known as Huari Wiracocha, the giant god which came out of the Titicaca lake.

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