August 01, 2017

Viracocha, Wiracocha o Huiracocha, also called the god of the crosiers or rods, is the most relevant of the Inca gods. At Inca Empire it is known as Huari Wiracocha, the giant god which came out of the Titicaca lake. He is almighty and has the power to decide on every construction, visible or invisible.
The cult to Viracocha was restricted, as beyond the Quihuar Cancha temple there were few the sanctuary dedicated to his honour, and all of them were placed on the Cuzco area. His image was also at Coricancha, the most respected and venerated Cuzco sanctuary dedicated to Inti, the Sun God, and both gods seemed to have certain rivalry as related by the chroniclers.
It is possible that the relevant diffusion that happened afterwards were due to the fact that catholic priests were looking for a name to explain the concept of God, and they found in this divinity certain similarities, as it was considered on the Inca mythology the superior being creator of the World. Also they added to the name other words to emphasise his quality as superior being, forming the quechua name of Apu Qun Tiqsi Wiraqucha. In quechua apuj’ means sir, tiqsi means beginning, wira means sun and qucha means water or lake.

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