Plate with fretwork from Úbeda, Spain

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Plate with fretwork from Úbeda, Spain

We introduce here a colorful piece hand crafted by the one Úbeda workshops (Spain). Many studios in Úbeda still keep alive all the essence of Úbeda ceramics in several potteries that continue with the tradition and quality but also with the innovation that makes Úbeda ceramics an enjoyable long run history.

This piece keeps all the tradition of the zone, with the usual green and brown colors interlaced shaping drawings which are centuries-old and geometric forms with fretwork, incisions and filigree called “bordados”, one of the most characteristic work in the zone, performed by hand with a small knife, and different shapes and finishing depending of the workshop.

If you want to know more about Úbeda and his ceramics and pottery, please click here.

Size is 36cm H x 8cm ⌀ (14.2" H x 3.1" ⌀). Weight is 1.8Kg (4 pound). Package weight is 4Kg (8.8 pound)